We Rate It.

Watch out for our rating system on our posts. Any posts relating to us eating out & you will see this little guy popping up. There’s a four grade system:


Exceptional food, exceptional service and overall exceptional experience.  “Basically we ate everything and enjoyed everything, this is a Gold thumbs up rating and we want to go back for more! It’s a must try.”



Great food, great service and a great experience.  “We enjoyed it, it was a blast, but there will be something that we thought could be improved, a tiny tweak that would give it the GOLD experience. Overall don’t be off put by trying it, overall it would be great.”



Good food, good service and a good experience.  “We thought there could be an improvement that was more than just a tweak in services price or quality. This doesn’t mean that the experience was poor, but there was an improvement that could be made.”




-Does Not Qualify:

 “It’s not a great thing to be crowned with the Does not Qualify rating. There has been something during the experience to feel that there could be great improvement, that we did not enjoy it or that something was poor. This could infact mean that the food was good, but the service was unsatisfactory, or there could’ve been good service but the food wasn’t enjoyable. All would be explained in detail for this rating, & we wouldn’t give it lightly!