Lets Get Jammin’

Jam Jar

-88 Osborne Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne.

If anyone has ever seen Jam Jar’s Facebook page, they will understand the need for us to try their food. The stacked high burgers, the traditional crispy french fries & the oozing milkshakes have you drooling before you even read the description.

So we caved, (to be fair it didn’t need much arm twisting) a table was booked for the Friday night & we were all set to go.

In the heart of Jesmond, the smart exterior leads you to what can only be described as a quirky interior. To the left of the entrance is a small bar, this is where the magical cocktails are made. The walls are lined with chalk descriptions of their alcoholic wonders. The cocktails were definitely a highlight of the night for us, what you don’t expect is the addition of jam into their boozy delights. Sweet, alcoholic, syrupy goodness is the only way they can be described…. & they are all served in awesome recycled jam jars. Everything inside has the re-used & up cycled feel about it, old floorboards are used as tables, & rustic lighting and flooring give the whole space a quaint feel.

This visit was all about the burgers, & lets be honest who doesn’t love a good burger? If you’re a meat lover, then you need to try the ‘Cow vs. Pig’ burger. The triple stacked bun with 7oz chuck steak patty, BBQ pulled pork, swiss cheese & apple sauce, is the burger of dreams. This is all served with the crispiest of fries, & for the love of god, order mayo and get dunkin’, you won’t regret it. If you fancy something insanely tasty but a little bit different to a traditional beef style burger, order ‘The Casto Giovanni’. Breaded chicken, basil pesto, mozzarella, rocket & crispy prosciutto ham is mouth watering. The flavour bursts are intense and are the very best tastes of Italy. Super fresh and tasty, its a must try!

Now not quite knowing the size of the food at Jam Jar we went and ordered onion rings along with our mains. Don’t get us wrong, they were crispy deliciousness that should be eaten with ‘mmmm’s’ as you bite into them, but the burgers are super filling, so either leave room, or make sure you don’t eat much the day you visit.

Luckily us too are the couple that not only leaves enough room for onion rings, but also for the freshest, little sugar covered donuts, with a crisp, warm outside and molten strawberry jam centre. I’ve (Sam) personally never eaten anything like it. Or a donut like it in any case. They were so moorish and tasty it was ridiculous, you’d think they would be too sweet, but the soft yet crispy dough helps cut through the sweetness. They are a must try and as an extra bonus, they get served on the cutest wood board.

With Jesmond being a student hub, Jam Jar is ridiculously reasonably priced. The ‘Cow vs. Pig’ comes out at £6.80, ‘The Casto Giovanni’ is £5.20. With the ‘Mini Jam Jar Donuts’ coming out at £4.50! So get yourself down, we are hoping to try out one of their ‘Jam Jar Offer’ nights during the week, or even the quiz night on a Sunday & you can save even more money. So if your on a tight budget, want some great food, or want somewhere for an awesome date night getting tipsy on jam cocktails, then take a trip to Jesmond, trust us. It’ll be worth it!

We give this our Gold seal of approval!


‘Look At All That Food’

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