A Butterfly Breakfast.

The Butterfly Cabinet

-200 Heaton Road, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Behold the ‘Business Breakfast’.… Yes thats right, this could be yours. You can infact eat your weight in sausages, bacon and eggs, and the best bit of it all I hear you ask? Breakfast is served ALL DAY at The Butterfly Cabinet. So do you have the urge to eat breakfast at 2 o’clock in the afternoon? Because you can.

This quaint little ‘Cafe’ is a gem. Off the main high-street in Heaton, on a little corner plot, you are unlikely to catch it on a day when it doesn’t have a queue out the door. The poster covered walls, ornate ceiling & shabby-chic timber tables makes you feel at home, as if like me your glasses steam up as soon as you get through the door.

Get yourself seated, order a peach ice tea (this is my favourite, incase you hadn’t already guessed) which by the way, looks like a frothy bear when it gets placed down on the table, and browse the menu. Obviously as you can see there was a very pretty looking Latte ordered, not by me, as I cannot stand coffee, but by Michael, who’s “mmmm’s” and “ahhh’s” gave it rave reviews.

Breakfast is always a great start to the day, & how could you go wrong with the ‘Business Breakfast’? Being the biggest breakfast on the menu, make sure you’ve got room to take full advantage of the glorious mountain of British breakfast delights. 2x rashers bacon, 2x sausages, 2x eggs (anyway you like), 2x hash browns, mushrooms, tomato, beans, 2x black pudding, 2x white pudding, 2x fried bread & a potato scone, can be a challenge even on your hungriest of days. But damn its worth trying even if you don’t quite finish everything. P.S. It can be a great hangover cure.

There’s a huge range of breakfasts to chose from, whether that be, an American style with pancakes, Eggs Benedict, Make Your Own, or a full blown English Breakfast, everything comes super quick, even if they are packed to the rafters, everything is hot, tasty and served with a smile. So great food, check. Great service, check. No
w obviously it’s got to cost a fortune, right? Nope. The butterfly cabinet is so reasonably priced for the amount of food you get, for only £8.50 each you can be full all day on the ‘Business Breakfast’.

Now I know this post is all about breakfast, but if you fancy something different, they do a great Lunch menu from 11am (the burgers & sandwiches catch my eye every time)……

We give this our Gold seal of approval!


Keep an eye out for our next post on The Butterfly Cabinet, because we’ll be wo
rking our way through the menu real soon!


‘The Creamy Latte’

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